A small survey from the Kinsey Institute showed that 94% of women reported having an orgasm in their last sexual encounter when they have anal sex. Surprising right? But this stat could be a very small self-selecting group of women compared to the total number of more adventurous women in the planet.

By gently stimulating the interior wall of the rectum, one can reach the pleasure spot of the prostate and bring a person to orgasm even without genital contact. But before getting excited about having anal sex, it’s very important to know if there are any risks involved and how to be safe during anal intercourse.

According to studies, some of the potential risks of anal sex are STD, HPV, Herpes, HIV, gonorrhea, etc. The reason that you can get transmission easier than vaginal penetration is because the lining in the rectum is much thinner and can tear easily.

So to be safe, follow these tips;

Get HPV/HEP-A Vaccinated

Have Hep-A and HPV vaccinations. Hepatitis A overtakes anal when an infected penis gets into the mouth. HPV, the human papillomavirus, also has a vaccination. This will help protect you against anal warts and anal cancer.

Get Test For STDs

Unless you’ve both been STD tested, risk for passing STDs is very high. Anal intercourse is the highest-risk behavior for HIV transmission because the tissue is so fragile and absorbent. It’s also a mode of transmission for many other infections.

Use Flushable Baby Wipes

These wet wipes will gently clean the area and won’t clog your pipes if you forget you’re not supposed to flush them.

Use Water-based Lubes

Anal cavity, unlike the vagina where it produces its own lubricant, the ass is dry. You want to lube it up as much as you can. Just make sure you use easy to pump water-based lube so you can easily reload without your play hand contaminating it. This will make anal sex painless and so much better.

Use Condoms

Comdoms are not only effective in preventing pregnancy. They also help prevent the spread of transmitted infections particularly STDs. They provide protection and pleasure, especially if you add lube while hitting that hole.

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