How to have safe anal sex?

A small survey from the Kinsey Institute showed that 94% of women reported having an orgasm in their last sexual encounter when they have anal sex. Surprising right? But this stat could be a very small self-selecting group of women compared to the total number of more adventurous women in the planet. By gently stimulating

What are the best dating websites in 2018?

It’s so common now for people to go online to date vs. meeting through friends. In stats, there are over 50 million adults in the US who are single and the 49 million of them said they’ve tried online dating. Online dating opened the door to so many more possibilities. You can meet someone across

What exercises can help improve your sex drive?

When it comes to being physically active, that can affect any number of different aspects of your social life including your sex life. Just working out can help sexual gratification. In the case of more mature men, improved cardiovascular fitness can also be critical for sexual function. Women who work out are also going to